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The Society for Anthropological Sciences (SAS) was organised to promote empirical research and social science in anthropology. The members of SAS want to further the development of anthropological science as empirical knowledge based on testable theory, sound research design and systematic methods for the collection and analysis of data. We seek to fulfill the historic mission of anthropology to describe and explain the range of variation in human biology, society, and culture across time and space. 

SASci 2014 programme as PDF Just the SASci sessions

SASci/SAS Election 2015 - Results shortly

The SASci/SAS Election 2015 has concluded. Results will be posted shortly.

The winning candidate for each position will normally occupy this role for both SAS (the AAA section) and SASci.

NSF Supported Methods Courses 2015

Methods Methods Methods

Apply for these National Science Foundation-supported methods courses for cultural anthropologists. There are programs for graduate students, for those with the ph.d., and for all anthropologists, including undergraduates. Deadline March 1, 2015

2014 AAA Meetings SASci Student Prizes

SASci Best Student Paper Prizes for 2014 AAA Meetings

Washington, 113th AAA Meeting (December 3-7, 2014)

Deadline January 15, 2015

SASci is pleased to announce FOUR student prizes for the December 2014 AAA Meeting in Washington.
If you are a student or recent graduate (see definition below) and you are the first or
sole author of a paper that will be presented at the upcoming meeting, you may apply.  

The Best Student Paper/Presentation prize consists of $400 plus prize certificate.

3 runner-ups will receive a $200 travel prize
Topic is open (see 1, 2a-c below).
Winners will be posted on SAS/SASci site.

Further Information

2014 SASci Students' Prizes


This year SASci students' prize winners are the following (ranked):

  1. Bethany Ojaletho (graduate), Northwestern University,
    (Seeing Co-operation or Competition: How Folk Theories Diverge across Cultures and Converge across Disciplines)

2. Kristina Kroger (undergraduate), Northern Illinois University,
(A Cultural Model of Nature: Pagans in North America)

3. Christopher Manoharan (undergraduate), SUNY La Paltz,
(Forever, for Now: Self-Reported Commitment among College Students in the US)

Each student will receive a prize of $200 once they contact David Hume at

Congratulations to the three winners and to all the students who presented papers at the SASci Meeting in Albuquerque!

Giovanni Bennardo

Jobs and Fellowships Listing

This *Jobs* link on the top right panel is a resource for viewing and posting new jobs of interest to Members and their students. You must be logged in to add a job. Request a login from Alternatively, you can email information to and it will be added. To complete the form you/we need a brief headline describing the post, a contact email, a closing/processing date, a url for further information, and a brief summary. You may also add a longer description. See this link for existing entries.

SASci 2014 Election Results

The nominations committee (Carol R. Ember, H. Russell Bernard and William Dressler) are pleased to announce the outcome of the SASci elections and the straw poll for the SAS Student Board Member position. We are especially pleased that three students were willing to be nominated and we hope that all will continue to play a role in SASci and SAS.

Douglas W. Hume was elected to a second term as SASci Treasurer for 2014-2016. His name will be forwarded to the AAA as the sole candidate for the SAS election to be held in May.

Eric C. Jones and Rosalyn Negrón were tied for Senior Board Member and they agreed to the following solution: Eric Jones will be the Senior Board Member for SASci (2014-2017). Rosalyn Negrón will be the sole candidate for the SAS Senior Board Member (2014-2017) position--election to be held in May. Since the official Board Meetings are held simultaneously, they have agreed to divide responsibilities where necessary. 

Michael H. Thomas won the straw poll for Student Board Member and his name will be forwarded to the AAA as the sole candidate for that position.

The Methods Mall is on line: 2014

SASci Current Board members and Officers

Present SASci Board Members and Officers

  • President: Ben Blount
  • Past-President: Carol Ember
  • President-Elect: Robert Trotter
  • Secretary:Stephen Chrisomalis
  • Treasurer: Douglas W. Hume
  • Board members: Giovanni Bennardo, Stephen Lyon, Margo-Lea Hurwicz
  • Student Reps:  Andrew Tarter, Caitlyn Diane Placek 

Board Appointments

  • Editors: Michael Fischer, David Henig
  • Associate Treasurer: Murray Leaf

Contact details for current officers

Report: NSF Anthropological Workshop on DPA

Report: Anthropological Workshop on Digital Preservation and Access, May 18-20, 2009
Carol R. Ember, HRAF. On May 18-20, 2009, a workshop was held in Arlington, Virginia to evaluate and potentially decide on the basics of a strategic integrated four-field plan for digitally preservation and access (DPA) to anthropological research materials

There were observers from NSF, NEH, and Wenner-Gren. Discussions included data preservation, data access, metadata, digitization, long-term preservations, depositors, privacy and ethics, copyright and intellectual property, and funding/support and field-wide coordination.

The workshop results will be disseminated online to the broader anthropological community reqesting commentary and suggestions for revision. Future steps are to seek funding to set up the computer infrastructure, organisation and identify processes and issues.


SASci/SAS By-laws

The bylaws of the Society for Anthropological Sciences   SASci

The bylaws of the Section for Anthropological Sciences   SAS

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